Hand grilled skewers, top notch booze and Asian small plates.

A trendy new eatery with passion & soul

We’re skewering Asian street food with our signature hand crafted skewers and vibrant house-made sauces. Craft your own custom skewers, share them across the table or savour them all by yourself.

Every stick is made from the finest locally sourced ingredients and with no added MSG, the juicy smokiness of our skewers will have you salivating.

Putting poultry aside, we offer vegetarian options and a variety of meats including premium Wagyu beef. Throw in locally crafted beers, great cocktails, loud music and you’ve got an urban hangout for great mates to enjoy skewers and brewers.

Come for the skewers and stay for the good vibes.

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A New Izakaya Concept is Skewering Asian Street Food with a Melbourne Twist

Laid-back watering hole, with amazing drinks and bar snacks

In Asia, the unmistakable aroma of skewers cooking on charcoal wafts up the street, enticing your senses. Affectionately coined, Uncles, these lively vendors are beloved for their dedication to feeding hungry folks with char-grilled goodness.

Founders, Joe Lim, Frankie Lee, Nick Lee & Exec Chef Lucas Wong all hail from South East Asia and have wanted to bring this concept to Melbourne for a long time. Over beers and skewers, they decided to do it! The idea was to bring together flavours from eight different regions of South East Asia, so the diner could mix and match their skewers. If they had a craving for rich satay, sweet and sour Thai or spicy Korean, everyone’s appetites could be satisfied in one place. They could come in and pick different skewers and flavours, having a new experience, every time!

Launching in November, just in time for barbeque season, Uncle-8 is bringing this experience down under, with their signature grilled skewers from different regions in Asia. Mix and match with their vibrant house-made sauces, share them across the table or savour them all by yourself. Order as many as you can handle.

Every stick is made from the finest locally sourced ingredients, with no added MSG. The juicy smokiness of their skewers will have you salivating. All your favourite meats will be available, alongside seasonal picks including premium Wagyu beef, tiger prawns and scallops.